Improbability Arguments and Evolution

Something I can never figure out is what Sherwood Tellit actually does at the Darwin Ranch other than tell stories around campfires. We got to jawing the other day, and he was a mite confused about probabilities.

If you study on it, we live our lives based on probabilities every day. It is improbable that Sherwood will get his favorite parking space two days in a row, the power will probably stay on so I can finish composing this post, the moon will probably not drift away from the earth.

We base our lives on probabilities every day, but odds against evolution are amazing. Time is the hero, like monkeys typing out the works of Shakespeare. Yet, atheists would rather believe absurdities than the Creator.
Monkey Wide Eyes, Flickr  by Heather Fallows via Jemima Gibbons (CC BY 2.0)

Some things are calculated so their probability can be determined. Biblical creationists point out (often citing the mind-boggling numbers) of the improbability of a single cell arising by chance and random processes. The odds are so greatly against it, the idea can be dismissed as impossible. Evolution is improbable. Even Clinton Richard Dawkins admits that evolution involves climbing Mt. Improbable.

Improbabilities are so high for evolution and spontaneous generation, fuggedaboudit. Except that they are never zero, so that gives the Dawkinses hope for their precious evolutions. Time is one of the heroes for their mythology. Misotheists and other evolutionists would rather believe in absurdities and their blind father than the God who created — and God gives certainty, not likely or maybe.

Have you ever heard that millions of monkeys typing at random would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare? It’s a common illustration of the concept that, given enough time, life could evolve from nothing.

Is that true? Is it remotely possible that monkeys could keyboard all of Shakespeare without error? Most of us would say: “No, it’s obviously impossible.” But the mathematical probability is not zero.

To read the rest or listen to the audio by my favorite reader (there's a high probability she doesn't know I exist), click on "Is Improbability the Best Argument Against Evolution?" ADDENDUM: Here is a post from the Intelligent Design community, "Rosenhouse’s Blunder: Another Nonsensical Mathematical Argument Against Intelligent Design", that further shreds the evolutionist's claims.