Disarming Chicxulub Dinosaur Casualty Story

As you probably know, the story that big space rock smacked the earth near Chicxulub caused the extinction of the dinosaurs (which was selective in what critters it made extinct) is the prevailing view. Not all secularists support idea. Neither do creationists, for several important reasons.

Up North Dakota way, scientists found a limb from a dinosaur known as a Thescelosaurus, a wonder lizard.

"Was it called that because it wondered where its limb went, Cowboy Bob?"

Good possibility. So, the impact was in Mexico, but the limb is found in North Dakota...

Scientists have a story about the alleged Chicxulub asteroid impact, and are invoking conditions very similar to the Genesis Flood. They would not admit to it to save their lives.
Asteroid and Earth, FreeDigitalPhotos / Idea go
There were other assorted animals at the site as well. In addition to some absurd statements about the rock column, secularists are making claims that the shock waves from Chicxulub went around the world. That would provide selective devastation, but they are also invoking flood scenarios. They're getting closer to the globally catastrophic Genesis Flood, which is the superior explanation, but to do so would be unthinkable. Gotta keep that old earth deep-time uniformitarian good vibes feeling, you know.
The great dinosaur extinction was caused, so the story goes, by the Chicxulub asteroid impact at the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. At least, the impact played a crucial role. This extinction event, which supposedly happened at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary (KPg) about 66 million years ago, has been the dominant belief for explaining the end of the dinosaurs for approximately 40 years. Dinosaurs lived (and their fossils are found) around the world. Therefore, it is believed most of them did not die directly at the moment of the impact itself, but from the consequent shock waves, catastrophic flooding, and other, long-term effects.

For the rest of the article, find your way to "Early victim of the ‘dinosaur-extinction impact’ — Hardly earth-shattering." Although I'm reluctant to embed longer videos, this half an hour is extremely informative: