Oblivious Evolutionists and Fossil Insect Predation

Several times in the past, I have mentioned Darwin spectacles. That is a metaphor for an evolutionary worldview that colors and distorts what is observed so owners believe things can only be explained from an evolutionary perspective. Mayhaps I should cobble the picture I have so that it includes blinders.

Evolutionists can get so conditioned in their thinking that they become oblivious to how they are making much out of nothing. Fossils show that beetles burrowed into coconuts, but the report is actually meaningless.

Coconuts, Pixnio / Toper Domingo
They burrowed when fossilization happened, they do it today. Also, beetles have always been beetles (with the exception of John, Paul, George, and Ringo). Insects interact with plants, as any grower knows. But the blinkered bespectacled writers of the paper "see" millions of Darwin years, but do not ask questions that should be obvious. They certainly are unable to see that the evidence easily supports recent creation.
Some recent science news stories have come out describing fossils of insects feeding on plants supposedly many “millions of years ago.” What is amazing is the fossil plants and insects are just like the ones we find alive today. All that is different are the grossly inflated evolutionary ages (‘deep evolutionary time’) unnecessarily forced on them. These fossils are interesting because there is no evolution documented in either plant or insect and no reason to think they were not fossilized just thousands of years ago.

Recently, a fossil coconut was found to have clear indications of insect tunneling. Detailed investigation of this remarkable fossil was conducted.

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