Burning Down Darwin's Tree of Life

Since evolutionists have a tendency to move the goalposts by changing dates and other trickery, it is a rare thing for them to admit that they have wrong ideas. Some failed icons linger quite a while (such as Haeckel's fraudulent embryo drawings), others that have been are quietly ignored.

Charles Darwin's Tree of Life has been used for over 160 years, but it appears to have been rapidly losing favor over the years. There are numerous variations that are presented. In fact, some evolutionists reject them completely.

Evolutionists want to discard Darwin's Tree of Life. Their ideas for replacing it use bad reasoning and non-science. They fail in denying the Creator.
Kill it with fire! The unmodified Tree of Life image is here.
Those who read the previous post ("The Mostly-Complete Fossil Record") and followed the link to the article featured therein (do people still use that word?) will have noticed a reference to the Tree of Life. It also mentioned that the creation orchard of life is a better explanation for what is observed in the real world.

Of course, fundamentalist evolutionists reject the creation orchard, and are suggesting the use of "molecular studies" to replace that diseased old tree. Why should anyone believe their new ideas? They get so many things wrong, use deceit and bad science, and appeal to the non-science of "convergent evolution." Their narrative is unconvincing to thinking people, and efforts to deny the truth of creation by naturalists is absurd.
For years, the Darwinian paleoanthropologists who tell stories about human evolution have been telling us that “everything we know is wrong” (e.g., 26 June 2021). Now, some evolutionists are claiming that phylogenetic (evolutionary) trees are all wrong. Get a load of this; is it a late April Fool joke? No. They are dead serious!

Study suggests that most of our evolutionary trees could be wrong (University of Bath, 1 June 2022).

In Tontological fashion, the evolutionists at University of Bath sweep the reader into their own shed of fallacies by stating that most of “our” evolutionary trees “could” be wrong. They should say that most of Darwinists‘ evolutionary trees “are” wrong.

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