Creation and the Fine-Structure Constant

Mathematicians are obviously fond of numbers, but some are exceptionally intriguing to them. A few have been discovered in comparatively recent times. In nature and architecture there is the Golden Ratio, and physics has a passel of constants that physicists wrestle over.

Theoretical physicists have long been puzzled by the unsolvable fine-structure constant. This bad boy makes appearances in many areas of physics, and apparently relates to charged particles and the electromagnetic force. If it were different, life would not be possible!

Expression of fine-line constant according to Bing AI image generator
Secular scientists have no idea of the source for the fine-structure constant. That, and its importance to life, are two probable reasons that this number becomes an obsession for some quantum mechanics physicists. It even sets the size of atoms! The fine-structure constant is so important and unique, it is clearly an example of the Creator's genius.
The job of physicists is to worry about numbers, but one number has perplexed physicists for more than a century. That number is 0.00729735256—approximately 1/137. This is the fine-structure constant. It appears everywhere in the equations of quantum physics.

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Because there is still so much unknown about this constant, physicists have merely hit the wavetops in the analysis of the fine-structure constant. However, given the uniqueness and complexity of this constant, it’s logical to conclude that our physical existence resulted from extraordinary design rather than chance or evolutionary causes. As science advances and untangles the mysteries of our universe, scientists continue to discover how incredibly complex yet tailored our universe is.

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