Validating the Early Israelite Kingdom

It may seem unusual to find material about ancient Bible history on sites that primarily focus on creation science, but we also uphold the accuracy, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture.

Some among the faithless claim that Saul, David, and Solomon were minor actors in unimportant tribes. It may seem like reasonable speculations at first glance, but such ideas cannot be supported. While criticism is ramping up in some areas, archaeological evidence is being discovered that supports the Bible and refutes the critics.

Meeting between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, Piero della Francesca, 1466
There will always be scoffers who try to undermine the historicity of the Bible. There are numerous instances where it was said to be wrong because "archaeology never found..." (which is a fallacious argument from silence), and then Scripture has been vindicated by later discoveries.

We're talking about thousands of years, so many things have turned to dust and been blown away by the wind. Other areas cannot be excavated because there are layers where people have built homes through the ages. It is mighty helpful when things like the Merneptah Stele are found and translated, though.

Evidence for Saul, David, and Solomon are found in artifacts and also in their writings. There is a great deal of evidence for them, and more will likely be discovered soon. God's Word has never been shown to be false.

The historicity of the early Israelite kingdom is under fire. Several influential archaeologists reject the Bible’s portrayal of the monarchy led by Saul, David, and Solomon, claiming that the physical evidence contradicts the biblical record. According to some, even though these kings were historical rulers, the Bible exaggerates their power, wealth, influence, and achievements. Others go further and claim that David and Solomon were little more than small-time tribal chieftains who ruled locally but did not unify the nation of Israel and reign over all twelve tribes. . . 

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