Out-of-Place Pollen Makes Darwin Sneeze

Down South America way in an interesting meeting place of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana is flat-top Mount Roraima. Mountains like this are said to have been planed flat by erosion, but planation surfaces are troublesome to secular geologists. One reason is that it is not seen happening today.

Mr. Roraima contains a small problem: fossilized pollen. It should not exist, but occurs here and in other places as well. Secular dating methods indicate that the mountain is 1.8 billion years old. There was not supposed to be multicellular life on Earth yet.

Mt. Roraima contains a serious problem for deep-time proponents: fossilized pollen. It should not be there. This testifies of recent creation.
Mount Roraima, Wikimedia Commons / M M (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Obviously, pollen comes from plants. According to fundamentalist evolutionists, there were no plants 1.8 billion years ago. This is not a new discovery, either, since it was known from 1963. Some secularists wanted to adjust the data to fit their views, even saying that there was contamination. Nope. Instead of admitting that their evolutionary views have been falsified, they put it on the back burner, keep the faith, and let some other poor schmuck deal with it. They should cowboy up and admit that evidence continues to support recent creation.
England’s Sir Walter Raleigh. . . . become the first European to discover South America’s Mount Roraima. Its peak, some 2,810 m (9,219 ft) above sea level, is in Venezuela. The area was also the setting for Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel The Lost World.

Mount Roraima is one of a group of table-top mountains (or mesas), known locally as tepuis, made of quartz arenite sandstone. This is believed to be the remains of a large sandstone plateau.

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