Woodrow Wilson: Racist, Eugenicist, Darwinist

In American politics, progressive has different meanings. In modern times, it includes special consideration toward black voters coupled with the "soft bigotry of low expectations" — you cannot succeed without leftists. Woodrow Wilson was a progressive American president who was blatantly racist. Like many today, he "progressed" away from the US Constitution.

There are people of the "cancel culture" motivation that want to rewrite history, erasing people who had any racist tendencies whatsoever to be expunged from its pages and pull down their statues. Some people on the left like Wilson as well as Charles Darwin are still adored, inconsistently excused as "products of their times."

President Wilson accepted Confederate views, promoted segregation, and was a blatant racist. He also supported eugenics and a Darwinian worldview.
Woodrow Wilson, 1912, Library of Congress, modified at Pixlr
The culture was important, as the Civil War still lingered in the minds of many. Woody was no friend of the Reconstruction efforts, believed in the Lost Cause of the Confederacy, and worked to reverse efforts at racial harmony. He was a proponent of social Darwinism and eugenics, which further illustrate that evolution is not just a biological theory, but also a worldview. 

It is ironic that he was President during World War I, which had influences in Darwinism. Wilson's policies and efforts (including screening The Birth of a Nation at the White House, which portrays the Ku Klux Klan in a heroic light, then disingenuously attempting to distance himself from it) were supported by evolutionary thinking as well as the culture. If people in these positions of power believed that God is the Creator and explains things in his Word, many things would be different.
The life of American President Woodrow Wilson was reviewed, focusing on the influence of Darwinism and Wilson’s acceptance of a racist-eugenics worldview. This worldview resulted in Wilson’s aggressive attempt to resegregate the federal bureaucracy based on race. Likewise, when president of Princeton University, Wilson did everything in his power to block Blacks from attending Princeton. Wilson’s policies were based on his belief in the evolutionary inferiority of Blacks. This belief was a factor in causing the violent race riots that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and causing many millions of dollars in damage.

Prepare to be shocked when reading the rest of "President Woodrow Wilson: A Darwinian Racist Eugenist."