Secularists Avoiding the Important Questions

Time and time again, materialists demonstrate disdain for freedoms of speech and thought. One way this is demonstrated is when misotheists insist that certain things cannot be questioned, such as atoms-to-atheist evolution. They frequently tell people what to think.

Such an approach is contrary to true science. Indeed, it suppresses free speech — and thought. Biblical creationists encourage critical thinking, which includes asking questions. Not just to clarify, but difficult questions as well. Materialists have a tendency to leave important or even obvious questions unanswered in their reports.

Creationists emphasize logical thinking, which includes raising pertinent questions that secular scientists may leave neglected in their research.
Question mark in system, Pixabay / Gerd Altmann (Geralt)
Some very basic questions can raise the hackles of secularists, and if consumers of secular science will study on some things, they can ask probing questions as well. Asking such things takes some of the power out of the propaganda efforts; shut up and believe. This is good practice in critical thinking and may prompt secularists to be more honest before publishing incomplete or even spurious research.

There are several examples to be considered at "Questions Materialists Fail to Ask."