The Folly of a Tranquil Genesis Flood

There are professing Christians that cannot accept the book of Genesis as written, so they insert huge amounts of time between the first two verses of Genesis, say that the creation account was a "framework", and more. Why these jaspers feel the need to add atheistic interpretations of geology to the Word of God is baffling.

It seems that some people grab onto practically anything, no matter how silly, if it makes them feel better. How about a Flood that did not disturb anything? No torrential waters, no flood deposition (which biblical creationists have abundantly documented), but it was tranquil.

There are several efforts to add long ages to Genesis by people who pretend to believe the Bible. A tranquil Flood is absurd even at a glance.
Leaf floating in water, Pexels / Mathias Reding
The theological aspects of a tranquil Flood are easily dispensed by looking at both the Old and New Testaments. Let's consider the physical. Granted, there was not a passel of physics and hydrology back when the idea was proposed like we have today. Even so, it should have been laughed away.

Such an amount of water leaving no marks on the earth requires the suspension of thought. Earth rotates and also moves around the sun, and those simple facts may not have much of an effect on the aquarium in your drawing room, but planet wise, you betcha! Currents, cavitation, and more.
In response to the uniformitarian dogma of Darwin’s mentor Charles Lyell, Scottish pastor-zoologist John Fleming (1785–1857) proposed a novel idea. That is, the Genesis Flood was real and global, but it left no trace, because it was a tranquil flood. Modern long-age creationist Norman Geisler (b. 1932) also holds this view. Fleming wrote:

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