Deceptive Science Journals and the Leftist Science Agenda

Science is supposed to be about searching for knowledge, but special interests have long sought to keep inconvenient information hidden from consideration (just ask Galileo). Although creationists publish in peer-reviewed journals, it must be on acceptable topics — the Genesis Flood and recent creation are streng verboten.

There is tremendous pressure on many in the secular science industry, and some scientists have a "publish or perish" sword dangling over their heads. That and personal greed motivate quite a few to cheat so they can have their names on display in prestigious journals.

Many topics are either taboo or the narrative is preordained by secularists in power. Sure, go ahead and discuss climate change or other subjects near and dear to the cold, hard hearts of the left. Just make certain that the contents follow the limitations; no one here will save you, just replace you. Got that, chief?

For that matter, adherents of Scientism often think that peer review is a guarantee of truth. Not hardly! In fact, some journals are publishing articles showing that the opposite is true.

The word whistleblower has been used a great deal lately. Perhaps it would be appropriate here. Patrick T. Brown left out important data in a paper on climate change, which was published. Then he sounded an alert.

The science and medical journals have become highly ideological on many of the most important and contentious societal issues of the day, ranging from global warming to gender ideology, to critical race theory, to virtually everything woke.

Severing the discourse from true scientific objectivity could mean that legitimate research will be stifled, properly sourced articles that do not follow the preferred ideological narrative refused publication by politicized editors, or perhaps, that scientists could self-censor their own work so as to ensure their studies make it into a prestigious journal with all the career rewards that offers.

And now, a climate scientist has written that he pulled his punches in a climate-change article in order to be published by the prestigious journal Nature.

The rest of the article is at "Why We Can’t Trust the Science Journals."