Dinosaurs Jump Through Hoops for Evolutionists

Yeah, sure. Evolution is the manipulation and omission of facts so that evidence gives the appearance of supporting it, especially since people are deceived. (This is because they have not been taught to think critically.) Secularists can tell tales of dinosaurs and make them seem to obey the bidding of naturalists.

Some famous illusionists may seem to make huge statues disappear, have their heads drop off, levitate, or even the comparatively tame card tricks — which can still be impressive. The tricks have the appearance of legitimacy because only a select few know important details.

In their efforts to deny the Creator, many evolutionists use bad science and even manipulate the data. See how dinosaurs appear to jump through hoops for them.
Dinosaur jumping through hoop made at NightCafe AI image generator
As you have probably gathered, the tricks are on those on the receiving end of evolutionary propaganda. Some of us know how to watch for weasel words where probably, scientists think, and other things are used to get people excited because they think they are learning scientific facts. They won't because dinosaurs were created, not evolved. Ask Darwin's acolytes why they need to use misleading science, omit facts, misdirection, and even commit outright fraud to convince people that there is no Creator.
Dinosaurs bones are found all over the world, but they don’t come with videos and photos in family albums. The bones are usually scattered, incomplete and hard to identify. They usually appear to have been buried in a watery catastrophe. Lest one think dinosaurs were created and got buried in a great Flood, Darwinists have to be creative. Here are tricks of the masters driving the Darwin Dinosaur Bandwagon. They know how to pump up the crowd to love their just-so stories about “dinosaur evolution.”

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