The Huxleys and Darwinian Deviance

The Huxley family supported Darwinism, and they were immoral people. Consider the connection between morality and suppressing the truth about God.
A spell back, we discussed how the Huxley family was promoting Charles Darwin's myth of origins by developing conspiracies, but they wanted to keep up appearances in Victorian England. Looking proper was important in that era, perhaps more so than it is today.

One reason is that they wanted to promote evolution, but did not want their activities to besmirch Papa Darwin. What was under the surface did not remain hidden much longer.

For many atheists, Darwin is a sacred character. Satire, irreverence, and the truth about him are not to be tolerated. Some folks in the secular science industry are iconoclasts, willing to pull his statue off the pedestal and be straightforward about him. In addition, the extreme immorality of the Huxleys (who were some of Darwin's biggest supporters, remember) are shown as bearing bitter fruit.

It is worth considering that evolution is the necessary creation myth for those who deny God. It is not just an intellectual choice (since the evidence for God is clearly seen), but also spiritual (Rom. 1:18-23). When the truth is suppressed, other areas of life are affected. This includes mental faculties and morality. Just something to consider.

. . . we reported on Nature‘s review of The Huxleys, a historical biography by Alison Bashford of Thomas Henry Huxley and his offspring. In that report, we focused on the conspiratorial efforts of “Darwin’s Bulldog” to sell Darwinism. Now we take a look at what Science Magazine said about the book on 1 December 2022. It isn’t pretty.

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