Lying for Darwin in the Secular Science Industry

Atheists and evolutionists hate creationists, and especially those of us who use presuppositional apologetics. We get that. After all, creation scientists point out the flaws in secular science assumptions, and apologists show that their worldviews are incoherent; only biblical Christianity makes sense.

We expect such reactions and misrepresentation from sidewinders with Atheism Spectrum Disorder and fundamentalist evolutionists, but not so much in the hallowed walls of secularism. The whole lot of them become incensed when their faith is shaken, and this child fully believes some want revenge. After all, scientific integrity and the pursuit of knowledge are not nearly as important as maintaining the naturalism narrative.

The Cambrian explosion has been a serious problem for Darwin's disciples for many years. Evolutionists have tried to find ways around it, but it is still strong evidence for recent creation and the Genesis Flood. Now some sidewinders are twisting the facts and actually trying to use it to lie about biblical creationists.

Of all the nerve; Chinese scientist twists Darwin’s dilemma into an argument against creationism.

Chengjian fauna: Evolution of animals and birth of basic human organs (Earth Science Frontiers, via Ever since Darwin’s Origin was written, the Cambrian Explosion has been a major unsolved problem for evolutionists. . . .  arguments that the abrupt appearance of nearly 20 animal phyla with hierarchical body plans in a geologically brief time period (according to evolutionary dating) not only defies a Darwinian explanation, but provides positive evidence for intelligent design. How, then, can a Chinese scientist in this article just sweep the problem away as if it doesn’t exist?

. . . 

His work tries to spread out the explosion into three episodes. The problem is that each of the episodes are explosive, with no ancestors.

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