Effects of Evolutionary Thinking on Law and History

Regular readers have seen how the distraction of, "Evolution is just biology" is completely false. We recently saw how evolutionism can be a religion in its own right, and how it is a worldview through which people interpret data and make choices.

Evolution is not just a discussion of biology. It is a worldview with consequences. These have even had an effect on law and how we understand history.
Christopher Langdell portrait by Frederick Porter Vinton, modified
Secular geologists "know" that the world is billions of years old. That's what the Bearded Buddha wants, that's what he gets — evidence for the young earth is suppressed or ignored. Social Darwinism was the application of his biological ideas to produce eugenics and a drastic increase in abortions, scientific racism, women as inferior, and much more.

William Blackstone wrote his commentaries on the law, and those were foundational for a long time. Christopher Langell was influenced by Darwin, and decided that since evolution was true, then everything evolves. The US Constitution is something that needs to evolve as well; judges are more important than our founding documents as law evolves. We can also see how evolutionary thinking affects the teaching and understanding of history. Ideas have consequences, especially when followed with the ardor of people who deny the Creator.

I recommend that "How a belief in evolution affects law and history" will help you understand many things, including the condition of our society today. It also helps us understand the trampling of the US Constitution.