Examining the Religion of Evolutionism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

When the possibility that evolution is a religion comes up for discussion, the hands at the Darwin Ranch get down on all fours, arch their backs, and hiss. Their anger and resentment are not motivated by reality.

Despite their lack of logic and use of deceit, it is clear that evolutionism is a religion of its own. Adherents must humble themselves and repent.
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If you want to get those owlhoots really upset and watch the hair on the backs of their necks bristle, mention that evolutionism is a religion in the same way as atheism. Misotheists and Darwin's disciples are correct when they point out that neither atheism nor evolution worship a deity, but they conveniently deny only the first definition of religion and pretend the others do not exist.

There are non-theistic religions, including forms of Buddhism, Charvaka Hinduism (very close to Epicureanism, whose followers were debated by Paul the Apostle in Acts 17:22-31), and formal Satanic religions believe in a force, not a person. Indeed, the Jedi religion believes in the Force, which is a farce. One can participate in the religion of atheism and also be a member of a non-theistic religion. Expect opposition to the truth of the Creator and affirmation of some form of particles-to-high-priest evolution from those outfits.

As we have seen numerous times, evolution is actually an ancient pagan belief system (Darwin gussied it up and put it in a lab coat), and its proponents incorporate paganism and animism into its "science". Belief that everything came from nothing (dishonestly redefined along the lines of, "Nothing which is actually something but we call it nothing so we don't look so foolish"), terrible logic presented as scientific research, manifold arbitrary assertions taken by blind faith instead of empirical science, and more. After all, atheism needs evolution as a cornerstone.

It is also a fact that many professing atheists believe in some kind of force. They are also indulging in occult activities, which is also consistent with how some have embraced pagan beliefs. This is well in keeping with how Darwin's hijacked version of Natural Selection as well as Evolution itself are treated like entities that have will and make decisions. Keep your eyes open for the reification of Evolution and Natural Selection (with or without capital letters) when you happen across some putative "evidence" for evolution.

Not all evolutionists deny the truth. Michael Ruse freely admitted that evolution is a substitute religion. It fits, and he's right. For that matter, the article that helped prompt this one has a huge collection of quotes from evolutionists about the religious nature of evolution and how they take many things by faith, not by evidence. For that, see "Evolution is a Religion!"

While the rest are denying that evolutionism is a religion, they vindicate the rest of us by acting like a death cult. Let's face it, if evolution were "settled science" or a "fact", there would be no need for deceit, would there? But evolutionists know, despite their denials, that God created the universe (Rom. 1:18-23), and he did it recently.

They act like cultists as well:

  • Walking fish symbols that are clearly mockeries of the Christian fish (and faith)
  • Outrage to the point of secularist jihad if someone jokes about Darwin, the texts that they treat as sacred, or about those who have been elevated to high priest status
  • They are aghast — aghast, I tell you — that sacred relics have been stolen
  • November 24 is a religious holiday, but it's not getting as much attention as secularists would like
  • Like other cultists, outsider material is streng verboten, so the faithful must abhor anything that may spark actual thought or plant seeds of doubt in the dogmas — biblical creation science or even the Intelligent Design movement must not assail the eyes and ears of adherents
Hiss and fuss all they want, but it is clear that evolutionism is a religion. Like any false belief system, adherents need to humble themselves and repent before the Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator. The Bearded Buddha and his teachings count for nothing.