That "Living in a Computer Simulation" Thing Again

Just over a year ago, we discussed the notion that some people have that we are living in a computer simulation ("Evolutionary Thinking and Fake Reality"). A recent article made some interesting points about this, so I reckon it is worth saddling this pony up again.

There are people who seriously consider the idea that we may live in a computer simulation. This idea has serious difficulties rooted in materialism.
Credit: FreeDigitalImages / thesomeday1234
"Hey, gang! Pet the neighbors and wake the cat, we're going to do a computer simulation of an entire universe!"

That would require substantial knowledge of the workings of every aspect of the universe, but there is a great deal more to learn. I reckon the idea is self-defeating right from the start. Also note that those who believe in such things are materialists. That is, they reject God, the soul, and that sort of thing. Ironically, secular scientists search for the locations of the soul and free will in the brain.

There are people who want to develop the simulation technology for the "betterment of humanity" or somesuch (that should be a red flag right there, old son). But they have an incoherent and inconsistent worldview, so it would be a classic case of GIGO.

Interestingly, the song "Computer God" by Black Sabbath had some rather science fiction-ish lyrics, but there were many aspects that fit this subject quite well. No, I'm not endorsing the band, just showing you the song. Savvy that?

Mr. Gordons refers to humans as "meat machines", which is rather fitting from a materialistic viewpoint. I have seen and read several science fiction stories where a person's consciousness was transferred into another body, a machine, or whatever. That leaves out the reality that we are created in God's image, not the products of particles-to-programmer evolution — and we have souls. Ironically, the view of the materialist is dehumanizing. 
“The odds that we are in base reality is one in billions,” says famed inventor Elon Musk. He reasons that if humans continue the current trend of technological advancement, we’ll develop the ability to simulate a universe inside a computer, and perhaps we are all inside one today. A recent NBC News poll reported that 56% of respondents believed it was likely we’re in a simulated universe.

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