Mendel's Accountant Continues to Fluster Evolutionists

Scientists really like computer simulations and models. (If you tell a scientist that you have a new one, well, there's goes your evening of binge-watching CSI.) Proponents of particles-to-programmer evolution have them for mutations, natural selection and the like. The Mendel's Accountant program is superior.

A computer simulation  not infested with false evolution-supporting parameters called Mendel's Accountant refutes evolution and supports creation.
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Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) pioneered the science of genetics. Darwin's disciples added the fact of mutations to Darwin's version of natural selection, claiming neo-Darwinism was the answer to questions about origins — especially if they remove any possibility of the Creator. Of course, deep time is essential.

High priests of evolutionism like Clinton Richard Dawkins have used computer simulations to support evolution, but like I've said many times, the program depends on the data. It also is subject to the adjustments made by the programmers. Darwinists bragged about their successful scenarios (essentially dealing from the bottom of the deck and hiding cards in their sleeves), but those successes were fundamentally flawed.

Mendel's Accountant was released around 2008. It effectively turns evolutionary weapons against themselves. When using realistic data instead of corrupted Dawkinsized data, it reveals that humanity cannot be as old as evolutionists want to believe. In fact, the results are supportive of biblical creation science positions. It uses information about population genetics and natural selection.

It should not be surprising that there are no serious challenges to the program in scientific journal. Snarky remarks by desk jockeys in forums using silly fake names? You betcha! Mendel's Accountant was written by people who wanted to see if data produce results consistent with a biblical creation framework. It not only works, but the project was undertaken by "outsiders", not well-financed evolutionary scientists. If you want to try it yourself for free, you can find out here.

The article linked below was published in 2009, probably written in 2008, so that would explain to those who are curious why it mentions ten years.

A powerful computer program with far-reaching consequences has been developed by a group of biologists and computer scientists. Striking at the heart of neo-Darwinian theory, it tackles the subject of mutation/selection using a straightforward method called genetic accounting. Named Mendel’s Accountant, this software platform provides a comprehensive refutation of multiple aspects of evolutionary theory using nothing but standard evolutionary population genetics. The developers have used it to quantify the actual selection threshold for new mutations, to test alternate evolutionary ideas (e.g. unusual selection models, such as ‘synergistic epistasis’), to quantify the long-standing ‘waiting time problem’ for new beneficial mutations, to make predictions about the long-term effects of mutation accumulation in viruses (which were later confirmed), and to compare different historical population models to the modern human mutation frequency spectrum seen in the 1000 Genomes Project data. Their results represent a complete refutation of the ‘primary axiom’ of neo-Darwinian theory. Computationally, the mutation/selection model failed in multiple ways.

I hope you will see fit to read the rest of the article since it will help with an article publishing here in a few days. To keep reading, see "A successful decade for Mendel’s Accountant".