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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Molecular Darwinism and Fake Medical Science

Darwin's acolytes have been conjuring up more pseudoscience based on guesswork, and these tinhorns suggest it can be helpful for medical science. Drawing on thermodynamics, they decided that DNA has an energy code because, so they commenced to working with their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings®.

Evolutionists cannot face the fact that DNA points to the Creator, so they conjured up molecular Darwinism. This uses bad science and bad logic.
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The human genome is very complex, but materialists are unwilling to give credit to the Creator. Instead, they want to take ideas from Papa Darwin and apply it to the problem of how DNA became the shuttle train for genetic information. With fundamentally flawed presuppositions and bad reasoning, it is not going well.
In an attempt to bring DNA under Darwin’s mechanism and thermodynamics, this theory ignores the elephant in the room.

Genetic Code Evolution and Darwin’s Evolution Theory Should Consider DNA an ‘Energy Code’ (Rutgers University). They call it “molecular Darwinism.” Evolutionists at Rutgers University tackle the steep hurdle at the heart of the origin of life: how did DNA become the carrier of a genetic code? The idea is that Darwinism needs a linkage to thermodynamics: “‘Survival of the fittest’ phenomenon is only part of the evolution equation.”

To finish reading, see "Molecular Darwinism Ignores Information". Meanwhile, in Bethlehem after Christmas:

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