Stretchy Geological Ideas for Darwin

It should be obvious that molecules-to-mineralogist evolution and deep-time geology are not observable science. That does not stop people committed to the narrative of atheistic naturalism from speculating about the distant past and referring to their pronouncements about the distant past as science.

Once again, supporters of deep time are presenting speculations as science. They are also avoiding the implications that research supports creation.
Credit: Flickr / Mike Fernwood (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As discussed previously, evolution is malleable so that it explains everything. Which means it actually explains nothing. Evolution's partner in villainy is secular geology. This, too, can be stretched and bent to give the illusion of  scientific explanations. Mountains can spring up faster than they thought.

Aside from the fact that a major biblical creation science model is catastrophic plate tectonics that involves rapid uplifting of landforms, the secular researchers discussed in the link below made assertions and told stories based on their naturalistic worldview, not from science. Creation science models of the Genesis Flood are far superior to ad hoc speculations from secularists.

Guess how fast the Sierra Nevada Mountains formed? In a “geologic instant” they’re now claiming.

Mountains grow slowly except when they grow rapidly. That fits the Darwin pattern: animals evolve slowly except when they evolve rapidly. The one fixed parameter in Darwin’s storytelling empire is the timeline of millions and billions of years.

Sierra Nevadas Formed in a “Geologic Instant” – Geologists Raise the Speed Limit for How Fast Continental Crust Can Form (SciTech Daily). Jennifer Chu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology knows never to tweak the timeline, even if it requires moving mountains. “Study [prepare to be hoodwinked] suggests parts of the Sierra Nevadas formed in a ‘geologic instant,’ more than twice as fast as previously thought,” she begins Tontologically. With Darwin vapors rising, she enters her moyboy trance and begins her tale as if an eyewitness.

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