Evolutionism and the Vietnam War

Although the phrase, "Ideas have consequences," originated in a 1948 book by Richard M. Weaver and is now almost a cliché, it still holds some validity. Misotheists get furious — furious, I tell you — when the truth about Charles Darwin's concepts are discussed by creationists.

Although he did not directly originate eugenics and social Darwinism, those developed from his teachings. Evolution had a direct influence on Hitler. Another gang of sidewinders that adored Darwin was the communists. There are others as well. Darwin's ideas also had consequences that were manifested in the Vietnam War.

It is said that ideas have consequences, and many evils can be laid at the feet of Darwin. Evolution was an influence in the Vietnam War.
UH-1D helicopters in Vietnam 1966, US National Archives, US Department of Defense, public comain (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents by anyone)
Some jasper commented on a recent post, "As far as I know, Karl Marx never killed anyone." Maybe not personally, but his ideas hitched up to Darwinian concepts have led to the deaths of millions.

American involvement in Vietnam came late because they had a "containment" policy to stop the spread of communism (ironic, considering the political leanings of the formerly United States today). It was never officially a war despite all the killing, it was a police action or a conflict. Whatever you say, Hoss. Many evils can be laid at the feet of Darwin, and as we will see, the Vietnam war is a part of that collection.

Vietnam has a long history of being ruled by others. The northern part of the country was taken over by the Han dynasty of China and ruled for about a thousand years. Independence and self-governance was achieved and mostly maintained. This was expanded so they controlled the southern area as well. Because of traders and explorers who wanted a piece of it, eventually France took charge of Vietnam in 1884. Rebellion and especially Japanese involvement in the Second World War severely strained this.

The ruling philosophy for a very long time was Confucianism, but Buddhism became the official religion. Political instability and division, South Vietnam was established as a country, and the communists had gained power. They wanted to control it all (it's who leftists are and what they do), and by the early 1960s, the Americans were involved. History books discuss Confucianism and Buddhism in Vietnam, but have no interest in tracing the consequences of Darwin's ideas.Yes, quite a bit happened, especially in more recent years.
Darwinism was a major influence on those persons who birthed, inspired, and supported the Vietnam War. This includes Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Ho Chi Minh. Charles Darwin’s (1809–1882) ideas helped to guide these leaders to Social Darwinism, which was an underpinning of the Communist and the National Socialist (Nazi) ideologies. Darwinism also played a central role in contributing to the conditions that eventually led to the American involvement in the Vietnam War, including the Communist Movement. The decade-long war, from 1965 to 1975, cost as much as three million lives during the time the U.S. was involved.

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