Fossil Fish Brain and Evolutionist Absurdity

Here is another instance where fossils were reexamined using modern technology, and this fish skull fossil provided some surprises for the secular science industry. It was found over an 'undred years ago, then in Manchester, England.

There was not much to look at because there was only the small skull. The brain and other areas were preserved very well. This indicates that it was rapidly buried in sediment. Secular scientists are moving away from the slow burial for fossilization story because of things like this.

Fish image from Clker clipart, modified at LunaPic
Once again, evolutionary thinking needs to be revised because this fossil is extremely old (by secular schemes) but it is not "simple" like the narrative requires. As we have seen so many times before, they are attempting to turn evolutionary defeat (which includes evidence for the Genesis Flood and recent creation) into a victory. It gets difficult to take these jaspers seriously.
Over a century ago, a fossil fish was extracted from an English coal mine. Evolutionists assigned an age of “319 million years” to the extinct bluegill-sized creature.

Recently, using CT (computerized tomography) technology, researchers found the fish (Coccocephalus wildi) had a well-preserved brain and cranial nerves that, together, are about an inch long, “The discovery opens a window into the neural anatomy and early evolution of the major group of fishes alive today.” Creation zoologists would be interested in the neural anatomy of this fish, but openly question how it could possibly elucidate the early evolution of extant fish.

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