Knee Joints and Alleged Evolution

Some of the most common physical ailments in people are found in the knees, and this child has had some. The patella (kneecap) on the left knee was fractured after slipping on ice. Kneeling has long been painful.

This time, the right knee. I may be undergoing surgery as you are reading. Something something torn meniscus something. Partly from age and mild arthritis. Unofficially, a great deal of strain on it in the workplace contributed. Some Darwinists claim that knee joints show poor design, therefore, there is no Creator.

Some evolutionists claim that human knees are poorly designed, so that means there is no Creator. In reality, knee joints are very well designed.
Human knee, Wikimedia Commons / BruceBlaus (CC BY 3.0), modified at home and then PhotoFunia
We tend to take for granted, what our knees do for us. They bear the load (sometimes far more than they were designed for, put that box of donuts down), bend, stop suddenly, and more. F'rinstance, you are walking along at a brisk pace and suddenly remember that you forgot something. Plant your foot, pivot, push, twist, complete the turn. You may even run back to where you left the missing object. Or someone calls your name and you stop suddenly. That stuff hurts me right now.

The meniscus cushions, and other areas perform functions. Because things break down and wear out, Darwin's disciples say that their bad design allegations are evidence of evolution. No, those are assertions of opinions. Also, not all evolutionists agree with bad design claims. Indeed, the basics of the knee design in many living things is unchanged after many Darwin years. There is also no sign of knee evolution in the fossil record. Deal with it, hippies!

Using controversial kinesiology tape around knee, doctor said I did it right
Knees lock in place, a huge benefit for those of us who were designed to stand upright. Apes, not so much. Pretend to be one of our alleged ancestors and stand with your knees bent (not locked). That won't be comfortable for very long.

In reality, our Creator designed us very well. Making foolish assertions without evidence or plausible models to the contrary is simply expressing opinions. Take a look at what all is involved as see the specified complexity of God's handiwork.

Knee problems are among the most common conditions brought to the attention of physicians today. Darwinists claim that this is predominantly due to the idea that the joint is poorly designed. In fact, virtually all knee problems today are due to body abuse or overuse and disease, not poor design. The knee is the largest, most complex joint in the human body, but is also one of the most used (and abused) joints in the body. It is also a marvel of engineering and design. Furthermore, there is no evidence of knee evolution in the abundant fossil record.

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