Failed Predictions and Planetary Formation Theories

Some time after the Big Bang, solar systems formed all over the cosmos. Science does not support any of the solar system formation theories. The nebular hypothesis is the best of the worst, so secularist keep it on the mantelpiece to show off when company stops by.

Like biological evolution, cosmic evolution has a wagon train-load of problems. Just-So Stories are told and adjusted. Oceana is at war with Eurasia and the war with Eastasia must be won; switch it up without missing a beat and the unthinking public does not notice.

Secular scientists have planetary formation theories and others, but they keep failing. Instead of admitting it, they adjust theories to fit the data.
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Scientists make mistakes and correct them, we get that. But that idea not something that can be used as a place of refuge when predictions are made and observations are recalcitrant toward expectations. There's a great need for humility in the secular science industry. Instead, they pretend to be excited when data refutes their presuppositions.

Secularists also stretch, squeeze, ply, attach, stitch, tie-dye, modify, manipulate, and even lie to make their theories seem to succeed. It's not only cartoonish, but works against them when savvy people pay attention.

How about a nice, "We fouled up?" Those are rare. It would be fabulous if they realized that planetary formation theories are wrong because solar systems were created, no evolved — and ours is unique.
In planetary science, one might think experts would be at risk when spacecraft explore worlds that look very different than expected. But no; sometimes they just let their silly-putty theories morph to fit the new findings, and carry on with their jobs as experts.

To read it all and learn what this is all about, see "Planetary Science Evolves to Fit Failed Predictions." Further illustrations are discussed in "A 'Forbidden' Planet Is Causing an Evolutionary Rewrite . . . Again" and "Planetary Ring Theory Anomaly."

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