Darwinists, Leave those Hospitals Alone!

There is a personal and coincidental reason for my interest in the article featured below. Today is 8 March, and I am recovering from knee surgery. The article came out on the first, and my surgical testing was on the second.

When someone has a reputation for repeatedly fouling things up, do you want to entrust that person with something extremely important? Of course not. The same can be said for an ideology. It has been shown repeatedly that evolutionary thinking has been harmful to medical science, yet Darwin's acolytes want it entrenched.

Evolution has been detrimental to medical science many times. They still try to entrench it, and are not using evolution in a consistent manner.
Original operating room photo at Pexels / Anna Shvets, then modified*
Apparently, secularists are repeatedly given a pass:
We have also seen that secularists operate from a worldview that is based on materialism (there is no God, no design) and tend to "see" evolution where none exists. But they are not consistent! It is supposed to be purposeless, but they occasionally appeal to Evolution and Natural Selection as entities that make choices. Logic, science, and honesty all work against these sidewinders. Imagine if they took a creation approach, then they wouldn't have all that sickeningly bad science.
Every few years, an evolutionist advertises the Darwin Party to the healthcare industry. They try to sell evolutionary snake oil as a panacea for all ills. It’s a scam. . . .

. . .

This approach owes nothing to Darwinism. There is no increase in fitness due to mutation and natural selection. There is no innovation suggesting progress up Darwin’s “tree of life.” One population goes extinct; that’s all. In nature, stuff just happens for no reason. For doctors to use “extinction biology” as a strategy, they would have to use intelligent design for a purpose—not Darwinism.

Let’s examine Hollender’s list of ways that Darwinism can help medicine and see if they stack up. . . .

It would be best if you read the full article at "Keep Darwinists Out of the Hospital."

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