A Misidentified Fossil and the Naturalistic Worldview

The hands at the Darwin Ranch were dispirited, and the baker Stevia Dolce told me she was feeling the mood. She even tried baking some pastries favored by the hands, hoping those might pep them up some, but with little effect. What could cause this? A misidentified fossil.

It was supposedly from 550 million years ago, from the Precambrian rock strata. The original discovery caused something that seems to be happening quite frequently: Rewriting the geology textbooks. This time, regarding the Indian subcontinent. Not happening after all.

A fossil discovery causes the need to rewrite secular textbooks. No, wait. It was just a modern impression from a beehive. They tried to keep things seeming to be old, however.
Indoor beehive, Flickr / Lynne (CC BY 2.0)
The fossil was later identified as something made by bees, not the fossil of some ancient animal. It is modern, and it is a beehive impression. Stung by the news, secularists are still trying to present the cave in which it was found as very old. Such scientists seldom question their beliefs in deep time because they are working in accordance with their worldview.

Constant evidence that should cause thinking people to question deep time is rejected or waved off, even though the evidence shows recent creation. At least, if would if they took of their Darwin spectacles.

Paleontologists occasionally misidentify fossils. A recent mistake was big: from one end of the Geologic Column to the other. Not only that, it forced the rewriting of geological history for a continent. Even so, the correction was not powerful enough to make the scientists rethink their preconceived ideas entirely.

. . . that’s no Precambrian fossil, it’s a modern one from an entirely different phylum! The press release has a good laugh. Reporter Eric Hamilton writes that in 2020, during the pandemic lockdowns,

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