Octopus Evolution Stories Raise Questions

It is interesting to watch how believers in universal common descent promote their speculations (often with the secular science industry's media sensationalizing). Then creationists and the Intelligent Design camp show the flaws in the science and logic of secularists.

Hopefully, regular readers have learned how to spot fake science news. This can be done without owning science degrees. Evolutionists make their pronouncements and attempt to bamboozle us, but we can see when they are talking non-science and are full of hooey. Consider the evolution of a certain type of octopus.

Octopus image from Hippopx
One aspect of presuppositional apologetics is that biblical creationists presuppose that the Bible is true, and we examine other worldviews to see if they are internally consistent. Misotheists frequently misrepresent and ridicule this apologetic, and they deny something very obvious: They are hardcore presuppositionalists themselves, presupposing evolution and naturalism.

With this framework, we can see that a recent paper on the genome of an octopus makes assertions that cannot be supported by empirical science. Instead, they rely on weasel words in their speculations. Science? 404. Their worldview is incoherent and inconsistent, but they still refuse to admit that the evidence shows that there is indeed a Creator who made the world about six thousand years ago.

The octopus is one of the most amazing animals in God’s creation. 


A new paper in Genome Biology and Evolution indicates that a type of octopus appears to have evolved independently to develop something resembling a shell, despite having lost the genetic code that produced actual shells in its ancestors and relatives. (Emphasis added.)

A number of questions could be asked: How do evolutionists know this creature lost the genetic code that produced actual shells, or how can they say that it evolved independently? Could it be that the octopus was designed to have this “shell-like egg case” in the beginning?

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