Evolutionary Psychology is Absurd

When people have mental health difficulties, it is often recommended that they see a psychologist. The largely discredited Sigmund Freud probably comes to mind, but there are many versions of psychology. They are all wrong.

Talking to a therapist may help and whatever medication cocktail that is prescribed may benefit (even though they do not really know how those medicines work). Pretty much all kinds of psychology are based on atheistic materialism. The worst of the lot is evolutionary psychology.

Almost all versions of psychology are based on atheistic materialism and evolutionism. Some recent ideas are truly bizarre and refute themselves.
Psychologist, Pexels / Alex Green
Give it some thought. They believe there is no God and presuppose evolution, then try to justify their malarky by building on a faulty foundation. Their philosophies and conjectures are fraught with contradictions.

Do you want to trust you mental health to someone who believes in luck but has a nihilistic outlook on life? No Creator, no hope, no final justice or rewards, no joy. Some of the newest ideas are...truly bizarre.

One tinhorn thinks that psychopaths are evolutionary successes, a conclusion that is illogical and self-refuting.  (I wonder what he thinks about narcissism, or even the narcissistic sociopath, which describes many atheists.) They presuppose we are apes — yet they are above it all. Come on, man!
Evolutionary psychologists treat their fellow men and women as lab rats in natural selection simulations. They try to figure out why people act the way they do using models based on game theory. Nothing is right or wrong in their schemes; it just is. Can someone with beliefs like this help you?

Darwinism, furthermore, is deterministic. We are all puppets of our genes. As the late Darwinist professor at Cornell William Provine often said, there is no free will in evolution. So what’s the use of evolutionary counseling? Why have debates, negotiations and policies? Whatever will be, will be. Nothing is right or wrong. If you want a safe society where virtue is prized and vice is condemned, don’t let Darwinians get anywhere near government leaders!

If you need help, talk to a biblical counselor, pastor, or even a trusted friend before using a secular therapist. To read the rest of the article, see "Never Trust an Evolutionary Psychologist."