Naturalism, Theistic Evolution, and the Real Problem

Since universal common ancestor evolution is taken for granted and asserted in all kinds of media, a Christian may be strongly tempted to think it must be true. Why not simply say that God used evolution and avoid the ridicule? That brings a prairie-schooner full of problems.

Professing Christians are often afraid to take a stand for creation because they think science has proven evolution and an old earth. It is better to "just preach the gospel" and leave that other stuff for the scientists. Not hardly! Things get worse from there.

Many professing Christians agree with atheists about evolution and deep time. They abandon the biblical worldview for one which is naturalistic.
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Atheists and other evolutionists reject evidence refuting evolution and affirming recent creation. When Christians compromise, they are showing disdain for the authority of Scripture and their lack of science knowledge. They are abandoning the biblical worldview and bedding down with the naturalistic worldview! It has many flaws, but compromisers are unaware or ignore them.

Christians who profess to believe the Bible but reject recent creation have to come to terms with what was said about creation all through the Bible. (Exodus 20:11 and Exodus 31:16-17 are clear). Adam is dismissed as myth or archetype. How about the Genesis Flood? Secularists claim it never happened and there is no evidence for it. When professing Christians agree with them about the Flood and a non-literal Adam, they are calling Peter, Paul and others liars! Is that bed you're sharing with naturalists nice and comfy-cozy? In fact, theistic evolutionists often mount up with atheists and ride with the Ridicule Biblical Creationists brand. When atheists approve of "Christian" content, that should sound some alarms. Many folks are in serious need of repentance.

TE is definitely a serious problem for Christians, but it has a nefarious basis. Like evolution is foundational for the religion of atheism, both TE and atheistic evolution have long ages as a foundation. From here, all sorts of things can be developed — and deep time is definitely not a proven fact. Take an honest look at biblical creation science sites and read material by their geologists if you don't believe me.

Theistic evolutionists generally are professing Christians; many are even professing evangelicals. They believe that God created the original matter that exploded in the “big bang” about 13.8 billion years ago. In their view, he built into that original matter the laws of nature that scientists have discovered. By natural processes, that matter evolved into stars, galaxies, planets, and the first living cell. Over the last 3.5 billion years, that first cell has evolved by natural selection and mutations into all the plants, animals, and people that have ever lived, including you and me. Most theistic evolutionists hold that either Adam and Eve were myths or, if historical, they evolved from some apelike creature over millions of years.

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