A Silly Secular Excuse for Biogeography

The question of how kangaroos disembarked Noah's Ark and reached Australia is a common one, both with Christians and unbelievers. It is a question of biogeography. Also, it is a fair question. There are many things to take into account when considering it.

How did roos get from Mount Ararat all the way to Straya? Scoffers will use that as a kind of "Gotcha!" question for creationists because it does seem absurd on the surface that they would have hopped all the way over there. However, they are assuming that animals evolved in the places they are found today, even though there is no evidence for their evolution. The dispersion of animals is a problem for secular scientists as well, and one came up with a really wild-eyed idea to evosplain it.

It is a fair question to ask how critters like kangaroos left the Ark and reached their present locations. Secularists also have that problem, and ideas are bizarre.
Brown kangaroo, Unsplash / Ashish Upadhyay

Uniformitarian scientists need to explain how critters — including kangaroos — journeyed from one place go another. How about plate tectonics? Those are moving — Nah, too slow. Rafting? Darwin's disciples laughed at biblical creationists for suggesting it, now they use the concept their ownselves. Since the secular science industry is promoting leftist causes, they ignore biblical creation science Genesis Flood models. But yee haw boy howdy, climate change can be invoked! Things get...truly bizarre.

Mockers of Biblical creation laugh at cartoons of kangaroos hopping off the Ark from Mesopotamia to Australia. But did kangaroos evolve in Australia? Is the evolutionary answer free from difficulties? The fact is, no people saw how they got there, because it is a historical issue, not a scientific one. The best a scientist can do is model what kind of explanation best explains the current observations, and that kind of exercise is incumbent on every researcher, creationist or evolutionist.

Yes, creation scientists have given careful thought to questions in biogeography. . . Evolutionists have one advantage going for their models: the freedom to make reckless drafts on the bank of time, giving them as many million Darwin Years as needed to work their magic. But they weren’t there, either. Let’s examine a current secular paper about biogeography.

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