UFO Claims Without Evidence

There was a time that people who believed in Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrial life were considered to be a part of the kook fringe, but that is the opposite of the way things are today. There are respectable people who believe in UFOs, and they are in the news again.

The newer designation of UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) came from the US government, and the changing of the middle name to anomalous from arial was because they followed NASA's lead on wording. Seems like a good idea.

There are many reasons for the interest in UFOs, and if you follow the money, the funding comes from the secular science industry. Somehow they think if UFOs are found, it will prove that life evolved elsewhere in the universe, with the subtle implication that God does not exist. This is terrible logic.

Old train with UFO in background via Pxhere

US Air Force veteran David Grusch testified that the government had alien remains in its possession. Problem is, he did not give anything resembling evidence that would stand up in court. It's like these other "facts" from a friend of a friend who is related to somebody in the government but wishes to remain anonymous has some really good information, and yee haw boy howdy, that's good enough for me so I believe it.

The secular science Industry promotes evolution along with leftist causes whenever it can. Hence the interest in the UFOs. Sure, people have seen such things, and even though most are identifiable, a few are not. The question remains though, "What are they?"

Although some Christians believe that they are from outer space and twist scripture to prove it, most biblical creationist reject that notion. Not only from theology, but from science. Secularists need to apply the science that they know exists instead of presupposing alien life and evolution.
A new openness from some government officials has revived interest in UAPs. That interest spiked on July 26, when David Grusch, a US Air Force veteran, testified before the House Oversight Committee that the government allegedly had recovered a craft that contained “biologics” that were non-human.

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