Dump Darwin to Save Science

Some folks are so determined to negate evolution doubters, they find little things to complain about. One is word selection. They take exception to evolution and Darwin in an effort to strut their imagined intellectual superiority. Those are for reference, and you know exactly what we are talking about. Stop making excuses to avoid dealing with uncomfortable content. You savvy?

We have seen many times that good research has been tainted by homage to Darwin, as if seeking the Real Science™ squeal of approval. Indeed, many evolutionists hide behind evolution in an effort to obfuscate their inferior research; "It evolved" is not science.

Many evolutionists act like homage to evolution is the way to get research approved. Instead, it interferes with science and should be dumped.
Darwin trash dumpster fire, Flickr / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (CC BY-NC 2.0)
In my last article about that hospital stay, I mentioned how nobody discussed evolution in my hearing during all that time. Darwin is useless at best to medical science. It is also a fact that evolutionary thinking is proven to be harmful to medicine. It would be fabulous if researchers left the Bearded Buddha out of things. In fact, a collection of stories demonstrates how science is better this way.
Think of the possibilities if science returned to its roots, explaining the natural world by reference to observable, repeatable, testable data. Without the stench of Darwin fogma in the lab, researchers could see and think clearly, following the evidence where it leads. No more BAD confabulating, telling the public what “might” have happened gazillions of Darwin Years ago in mystical Jargonwocky terms. No more Darwin Sharia Guards enforcing compliance, checking for the scientist’s D-Merit Badge. It would be a new rebirth of freedom, a breath of fresh air, a free market for seeing who has the best evidence to succeed.

Let these examples give hope that Darwin-free science is not only possible, but preferable.

To read the full article, see "Purify Science by Kicking Darwin Out." ADDENDUM: This article came out a few days later, "Good Science Still Flourishing Without Darwinism."