Defusing Cambrian Explosion Excuses, Part 2

This is the second of two installments, Part 1 is here.

Several times, atheists and other evolutionists on teh interwebs attempt to wave off the Cambrian Explosion by downplaying its importance. One tinhorn challenged me by demanding to know why it is important, and how creationists deal with it. If they do not know its importance, they should not be apologists for evolution and deep time. But I think people like this enjoy attempting to put creationists on the defensive. It has been a major difficulty for many years, and efforts to solve the problem are doomed to failure.

Life on Cambrian Miaolingian sea, WikiComm / Zhixin Sun et. al. (CC BY 4.0), modified at PhotoFunia
Note that in all of these things, evolutionists believe despite the evidence, and even resort to bad science and bad logic to protect Darwin from mean looks as he saunters down Evolution Street. They get downright deceptive. That's right, I said it! No amount of tampering with data or reimagining it can change the fact that life was created fully functional — and far more recently than in the schemes of evolutionists.

Yesterday, we looked at three posts from Creation-Evolution Headlines, a site run by biblical creationist David Coppedge. This time, we have material from the non-creationist Evolution News, an Intelligent Design organization that is run by the Discovery Institute. In the first article, Dr. G√ľnter Bechly discusses how some secularists are smarter than everyone else. That is because they have esoteric knowledge about paleontology. They played with data, used bad logic, and protect evolution by saying that the Cambrian Explosion never happened! It's who they are and what they do. Some misotheists believe this stuff because it confirms their biases, not because of alleged science.
When confronted with the argument from the sudden appearance of animal body plans in the Cambrian Explosion about 540-515 million years ago (e.g., early arthropods like the featured trilobite Redlichia), the newest fad among anti-ID activists and hardcore Darwinists is to boldly deny that this event ever happened. A good example is the silly rant by YouTuber Dave Farina against Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt. These deniers of the well-established scientific consensus rest their argument on the recent publications of a few maverick paleontologists, who indeed made similar claims about the Cambrian Explosion and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event being nothing but a mirage, i.e., an artifact of incomplete preservation, undersampling, and sampling bias.

The rest can be dug up at "Fossil Friday: Did the Cambrian Explosion Really Happen?" Come back for the final post in the series, written by Mr. Coppedge.

Several things are happening in this post. First, another rewriting of textbooks because oxygen didn't cause life to arise on Earth the way secularists thought. So sad, they had expected oxygen to be the instigator of the Cambrian Explosion and other things. In addition, the explosion get worse for those who wish to dilute the explosion by tampering with the time frame. To read all about it, see "From Bad to Worse for Darwinism, as New Cambrian Explosion Finds Arrive."