Radical Environmentalism and Hating Humanity as a Cancer

Intelligent Design sites have some useful information, and some of the concepts they discuss are interesting to people who use critical thinking. While rejecting or affirming material because of its source has fragrance notes of the genetic fallacy, the worldviews of environmental extremists play an important part. In this case, the ID article discusses on a book by Dr. Warren Hern that claims we are a cancer. The "diagnosis" uses medical thinking to predict what will happen in our future.

It has been observed many times that radical environmentalists have declared war on humans. One author compares humans to a cancer on the planet.
Downtown crowd, modified frim Pixnio / david
Stuff like this uses invalid comparisons, incomplete information (for example, a person is far more complex than a cancer cell!), arbitrary assertions, ignore pertinent details, and more. People believe it, and this child maintains that one reason is because people do not use logical thinking, but simply accept sciency stuff.

Also, radical environmentalists who declare war on humans tend to come from an atheistic evolutionary worldview. Christians and creationists believe that we are created in the image of God, and are not to be eliminated (or compared to cancer) because of evolutionary pantheistic assertions — without evidence. By the way, those who want humanity culled ("Save the world. Kill yourself.") do not lead by example. Instead, they make money. That's suspicious. Nor do they live out their convictions by actively killing other people for the sake of the planet, which is more important than the people for which it was created. Also, this radical stuff is yet another tool of leftist politics!
Lest readers dismiss the author and the interviewer as fringe, anti-humanism has become a hallmark of environmentalism. It is also becoming official government policy. Food, fuel, electricity, and other shortages are being created intentionally by policy-makers that will adversely impact human wellbeing and thriving.

You can read all of this short article at "Environmentalist Misanthropy: Humans Are Terminal Cancer."