Utopian Socialism and the Heart of Darkness

Movements and philosophies are not the product of spontaneous generation. Instead, they grow from various influences over time until someone pulls things together and makes them popular. Charles Darwin did not create evolution, for example.

Modern leftists are attempting to implement global socialism in some form despite its failings. Millions are dead because of it. Do they understand Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote? Probably not. Communism is a goal of socialism. Utopian socialism predated those guys.

Order of Victory of Socialism (Romania), Wikimedia Commons / Borodun (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The Cold War was a period of tension between countries controlled by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Western nations primarily influenced by the formerly United States. Romania, Albania (once self-styled as an atheist nation), and most others formerly dominated by the USSR abandoned socialism and communism.

The utopian socialist ideas were coming to the fore in the mid-19th century, promoted by people like Robert Owen and Charles Fourier. Owen was an atheist and later was involved in the occult; he received guidance from spirits!

Modern forms of socialism draw from utopian socialism. They seek to replace marriage and the family, which were ordained by the Creator, with their own systems. If one studies on it, socialism has its own version of sin, redemption, and culmination — embracing evolution as its creation myth. Leftists today are going in the same direction, and readers can now see why creationists are bringing up political history and current events. Yes, this topic is extremely relevant.

It should be around here somewhere, I thought, scanning either side of the tree-lined path. Almost 200 years ago, a certain man had been buried here in Paris’ Montmartre Cemetery. No way could I miss seeing his grave as part of my backpacking journey to trace the history and consequences of Marxism.

This man—along with his fellow utopian socialist, Robert Owen—had been advocating even before Karl Marx for the abolition of marriage and family on socialist grounds. Together, these early socialists’ writings illustrate how the attack on family unfolding in today’s culture is nothing new but is a manifestation of a much older agenda with documented links to spiritual darkness.

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