Computers Influenced MY Evolution!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Like the late Rush Limbaugh, I illustrate the absurd with absurdity. (And sarcasm. So much evolutionary research is so irrational, it practically begs for sarcasm.) A spell back, I wrote about how some Darwinists were saying that people feeding birds were influencing their evolution. One of the simplest lessons there is that they were being disingenuous with the word evolution — again. It is who they are and what they do in order to trick people into believing that Papa Darwin was right. No evolution happened at all. For a lighter article, that will be my springboard to show that computers influence my evolution.

A reference to my article on humans supposedly influenced bird evolution. Illustrating absurdity with absurdity, computers influenced my own evolution.
Cowboy Bob Sorensen at the computer, image modified with FotoSketcher

Centuries ago, I watched and eventually used my father's Woodstock typewriter. He was a pastor and typed his notes on it, and that machine was a workhorse. Strictly manual, and he used it for many years even though electric typewriters came out around 1925. I would be distracted when pressing the shift button because the platen (large roller) raised up a bit so capital letters and special characters could be typed.

Listen for the bell. When the right margin was close, ding! That meant the user had to take a hand away from the keys and bring the platen back into position with the lever. When using a typewriter, the typist had to be careful not to misspell or or make a typographical error. Those had to be corrected somehow. Fortunately, correction fluids and that special white strip could be used to hide errors and the right keystroke were developed. Good typists in the secretarial pool (and others) could reach very high words per minute scores.

If I was to try and compose something on an old typewriter today, it would probably take a couple of hours to make something simple. Hilarity would ensue at my mistakes in operating the thing. Nowadays, the type fits the page, so no ding and return. Made a misstak? Backspace or use another keyboard combination and fix it quickly.

Then there is speech-to-text. Just talk and the words appear as if by magic. The system is not perfect and adjustments need to be made, but the user can learn how to use that system on a computer. My use of StT is on the phone (another device that has changed drastically over the years, look it up), as I am slow at typing there.

Clearly, I have evolved. It was influenced by computers. I'll never be the same.

But wait. Like the conflation trick that Darwin's acolytes pull so often, the changes were minor. No new genetic material was added. Evolution did not happen in the least, just like that "influencing bird evolution" thing. In a legitimate use of the word, typing has evolved, as have telephones. Those were modifications by design. I was being absurd to illustrate the absurdity of deceptive evolutionists, so do not be hoodwinked by their trickery.