No Heart for Evolution

Written on 10 August 2023.  Lots of waiting in this here hospital bed, but I am getting open-heart surgery on the of the eleventh. Please pray. Although I am ready to see Jesus face-to-face, my wife has medical problems and needs help right now.

It is easy to take the heart for granted. When there is a problem (such as learning I could have a heart attack in the next thirty days), we pay more attention to that important organ that keeps us alive. Numerous features are designed to do an extremely difficult job all of our lives. An honest scrutiny shows that the heart defies neutrons-to-nurse evolution and testifies of the Master Engineer.

People may take the heart for granted until there is some thing wrong with it. The Master Engineer designed it for a great deal of work.
Heart diagram, Pixabay / burlesonmatthew
In the linked article, we learn about three obstacles for the heart to overcome. First, yes, it's a pump, but this bad boy is actually two pumps in one. Second, it has to stay put without banging around and overheating. Third, it's always going. Yes, everything was very good at creation, but Adam's sin happened and things have been going downhill ever since.
Our lives hang on a thread. A constant flow of rich blood must reach cells throughout the body, delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to our extremities, while removing waste products like carbon dioxide. Stop the flow for just a few minutes, and life will cease.

How did the Creator ensure a steady flow? He gave us a pump made of soft flesh, not of hard steel. Estimates vary, but this powerful muscle pushes blood through at least 1,500 miles (2500 km) of blood vessels, some as narrow as one red blood cell. The heart must keep beating 100,000 times a day without tiring or malfunctioning.

We are a walking miracle, exquisitely designed for life on Earth. Just consider three engineering challenges that our heart has to overcome.

To read the rest or listen to the audio, tick on over to "Heart — Constantly Beating Death." Me, I'm planning on cabbage tomorrow.