Genome Maintenance Designed, Mocks Evolution

Believers in descent with modifications evolution often claim that genetics (pioneered by Gregor Mendel, peas be upon him) supports evolution, which is false. Sure, with good spin doctoring, genetics can appear to support it, but not really. Then we have genome maintenance.

Imagine if you will that you have been given a maintenance job. You are given your uniform and shown to your special area with the supplies you need. This indicates that the supervisor anticipates what will be needed to effect repairs. This faulty analogy also applies to genetics.

The Master Designer knew things would be corrupted after creation. To keep living things going, he put systems in place for genome repair.
DNA and mechanic*
Everything was fine at the beginning of Creation, but the Master Designer knew it would become corrupted and systems would break down. The blind, mad, gibbering fake god Evolution has no coherence or foresight, but God does and he put systems into place to offset the damage. Without them, humanity would already have become extinct.
Our entire intellectual culture rests on the unscientific foundation of evolutionism. Evolution rests on three basic ideas:
  • Life originated from unguided chemicals,
  • The raw material for evolution is random mutations, and
  • Natural selection propels the development of all higher organisms by selecting mutations that provide a survival advantage for the organism.
Darwin’s natural selection theory is limited to conserving certain traits, and cannot account for what is commonly called macroevolution. The postulated source of variation—mutations—fails, because the vast majority of mutations, up to 99 percent, are either slightly deleterious or lethal. As a result, the harmful mutation load is increasing with each generation.

Genetic evidence, however, shows that life is designed to not evolve. One example is that over a dozen mutation-repair mechanisms are known to exist. And, no doubt, more await discovery. As described by Volkva et al., “Cells possess an armamentarium of DNA repair pathways to counter DNA damage and prevent mutation.”

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*Main image from Hippopx, car erased at Cleanup.Pictures, added DNA image from Cleanpng