Mitigating Evolution Indoctrination in Schools

It is a fact that young people will be indoctrinated in particles-to-professor evolution in schools, whether public or Christian. Indeed, some homeschool curricula are not to be trusted. Some parents may want to shield students from evolution. Bad idea, because they will learn it one way or another — and possibly wonder why their parents are afraid of "the truth."

Evolution is not just a biological theory. Instead, many people (especially in science organizations or academia) have evolution as a worldview, guiding their thoughts and actions, then preaching fallacious principles.

University lecture, Pixabay / Nikolay Georgiev
It may seem like drama, but it is a fact that professors use evolution as a "scientific" way of destroying the faith of students. Well-documented is the fact that students lose their Christian beliefs. Why is that? One simple reason is that parents are unable to answer questions, and just wave them off. They know that creation is true, but their own foundations in it are shaky.

Parents and others who are concerned must learn about biblical creation science. (No, not every detail. I've been doing this almost every day for many years and still have a great deal to learn.) We can learn the principles and the basics. Also, there are many resources available free of charge. This is one of them, linking to numerous articles on a variety of subject. Then, you can search those sites for additional information. Kids have questions? Dig in! Also, show them how to search these things out.

As students start a new academic/school year, it’s exciting for some, and maybe for others, not as much! Either way, your students are going to be exposed to evolutionary indoctrination. If you are sending your kids to public school, it’s a given that their textbooks and teachers are going to teach Darwinism and millions of years to them as if they were scientific fact (especially for kids in middle school/junior high and upward).

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