Disintegrating Comets and the Young Solar System

Rusty Swingset, foreman at the Darwin Ranch up yonder near Deception Pass, gave me quite a turn the other night. I thought four-legged critters were roaming around, but Rusty was out there with his lady friend Jacqueline Hyde (who was not quite herself). They were getting quiet viewing of the Perseid meteor shower.

When I pointed out that the Perseids peak around 13 August, they knew it. We commenced to discussing comet and how secularist think they formed millions of years ago along with the earth and other planets.

Comet NEOWISE over Utah, NASA / Bill Dunford (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Creationists have pointed out that one of the ignored evidences for the young solar system (therefore, young Earth) are long-term comets. They fragment over time because of the sun and there should be none left after billions of years. One of the guns that uniformitarian scientists pull off the rack is the Oort cloud, which exists only in the realm of imagination. It is a necessary rescuing device for cosmic evolution. Comets do not form, they always fall apart. This is in keeping with what believers in recent creation expect.
Another comet breakup was reported recently. Every comet we know is losing material to its tail when it rounds the sun. This accords with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which corresponds with the tendency to disorder, as we know from common experience. To counteract this known, observable law of nature, long-agers must invoke a supply of new comets hidden out of sight, and new ones forming from debris disks when stars form.

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