Miracles, Atheism, and Science

In discussions with professing atheists about God and creation, miracles are often an important topic. Posturing atheists try to shut down that aspect of the discussion with arbitrary assertions that miracles are simply impossible.

The reasoning can be summarized as, "Because atheism." That is, they have circular reasoning and other logical fallacies at their disposal that were produced by an atheistic disinformation clearinghouse; there is little original or deep thought in atheism. One simple problem they have is that to make the arbitrary assertion against miracles, the same illogical universal negative must be invoked against God.

There are no miracles. Because atheism. That is how their arguments seem. There are numerous logical fallacies in claims by atheists against miracles, including Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.
Raising of Lazarus / Carl Bloch, 1870
Indeed, I remember hearing a radio discussion between an atheist a man had written a two-volume set where miracles were substantially documented, even in modern times. The atheist refused to believe in them despite the evidence. But then, they must reject evidence and even logic when it threatens their worldview.

There is a claim that if miracles were true, then nothing is for certain, not even science. God is cheating. (Ironically for them, science is impossible without God.) Further, these people who believe in secular miracles such as everything coming from nothing assert that biblical creation scientists (and other creationists) use "GodDidIt" as our explanations...careful with that straw man, Eugene! One spark will set it afire. Not only do creation scientists avoid appealing to the miraculous except in the Creation Week and in clearly-defined miracles in the Bible, but the idea that if there was even one miracle, nothing in reality is certain is absurd.

Jesus arose bodily from the dead. Most of us have no qualms admitting that it was a miracle. Nor do we mind telling them that there is another non-physical miracle: When people humble themselves, repent, and surrender to Jesus as the risen Lord, they become children of Almighty God!

This email questioning miracles comes from the self-styled Peidos from South Australia, who gave permission for this to be posted but without name or initials (real name and address supplied). Peidos in another email wanted to make it clear that he was ‘taking the “evolutionist” or “atheist” side’, not that we doubted it.

The response (posted after the whole letter) points out that Peidos commits the fallacy of false dilemma, overlooking an alternative that successfully avoids both horns. The response also addresses some misconceptions about natural law and probability fallacies of sceptical denials of miracles. Finally, it also points out that anti-Christian systems have no rational basis for the idea of natural law in the first place, so their arguments from natural law against miracles ‘commit suicide’.

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