Providential Timing, Death Warmed Over, and the Question Evolution Project

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There have been a few remarks posted of late about my recent surprise heart tests and eventual triple bypass surgery, and I may do a series on another weblog about those experiences.

In a few social(ist) media places, I mentioned that I could die during the treadmill stress test, the heart catheter (mayhaps I did not mention that part), and the surgery itself. There is always a risk, and I made it clear that I was ready to meet Jesus. Yes, I used the opportunities for some evangelism. But the risk of death was much lower than I thought.

Unwashed, thirsty, looking like death warmed over the day I was released from hospital, background from Pixlr

At The Question Evolution Project, I was working by my lonesome and was besieged by trolls with atheism spectrum disorder. A former Admin of TQEP sent me a telegram saying that he had opportunities to help. Groovy!

Then I went away.

  • Tooth infection, taking antibiotic
  • Antibiotic causes stomach upset
  • Awakened at 04:00 with massive heartburn
  • Went to urgent care the next day, EKG showed no evidence of heart attack, but go to the hospital for blood work
  • Tests show no heart attack, but I'm likely to join the choir invisible in the next thirty days
  • Nuclear stress test on a treadmill did not please the doctors
  • Heart catheterization through the wrist showed blockages
  • Sent by ambulance in the middle of the night to a big hospital for triple bypass surgery
  • Two infected teeth extracted, quite painfully, before surgery so a good antibiotic could work
  • Not given opportunity to shower or shave for about two weeks, looked like death warmed over when I got home
I was able to do occasional posts on TQEP and Twitter (X, or whatever it's called now), but not much. Some of those surgery prayer requests were also a way of signaling my compatriot. Many thanks to him! My work on Evolution is a Lie has been minimal, so I was able to make occasional posts on it by phone.

Those of you who did see the requests, I thank you for the prayers. Oh, and I saw my primary care doctor earlier, and he said I'm doing better than many he's seen so early after surgery. Glory to God!

A misotheist made a comment on Twitter than I should glorify medical science, not the God who doesn't exist. Why is this so hard? Atheists feel compelled to slap God and Christians in the face in their hatred. God works through people, old son, giving them intelligently-designed minds and he wants us to use them. We have science, technology, skill, inventions and many other things. Even if the surgeons were unbelievers, why assume God was not guiding their hands? The Creator of the universe can do that. Indeed, one surgeon who operated on me many moons ago said that God is the healer, doctors are his instruments.

For the nearly two weeks, nobody made mention of consulting the oracle of Darwin. As has been pointed out several times previously, medical science has no use for evolution — except for those who get paid to promote it. Serious medical practitioners have no time or interest in that nonsense.

And now for a bit of speculation that fits what is observed, but is also subjective. Getting help for TQEP before I went away was an example of God's providential timing. The dental problem eventually landed me on a surgical table.

But there's something else. There have been many times over the years that I considered quitting (mainly because of apathetic creationists). I am hesitant to write about spiritual warfare, but this may very well be an instance of it. (No, I don't see a demon under every bush and try to cast it out.) Satan tried to get me out of promoting creation science over the years. Is it outrageous to wonder if he tried to do it with finality these days, but God stopped him? Christians are in a war, whether we like it or not (Eph. 6:10-12) and we are given weapons of warfare to use (Eph 6:13-18).
I wonder how many other ways Satan interferes with our doing of the Lord's work, even in our daily lives.

Did God use a tooth problem to save my life and this creation science information ministry? Could be. Pray for others, for ministries, for those who give you things to use in your daily spiritual and intellectual lives.