The Surprising Benefits of Clay

Something this child believes but cannot prove scientifically is that one example of how our Creator cares about us is that he made many things for our use. He also challenged us, expecting us to use the minds that he also gave us. 

Many were, uh, time-released so we would discover and use them as our knowledge and technologies developed in certain areas, while others have been there from the get-go. Clay is something that has been used for millennia, yet it can be easily transformed into materials that are extremely important.

Our Creator has given us things to use to improve our lives. Some are discovered later, but clay has been used and modified for millennia.
Throwing pottery, Unsplash / Courtney Cook
Years ago, I had to visit a small pottery shop. You could sign up for pottery classes, purchase wares, and more. I was startled to see a gorilla making a vessel on the wheel, and in response to my quizzical gaze, the proprietor said, "That's our Hairy Potter."

Clay is humble geological stuff that can be used to make items that are for short-term use, valuable pieces of art, and more. Add heat and the ceramic material can be used in industrial applications, household plumbing, and more.
At Maple Tree Elementary, second graders are making clay pencil holders their parents will joyfully receive as priceless gifts. Meanwhile, the Downtown Art Museum displays an ornate vase worth millions of dollars, crafted by one of the masters. Across the world, from Africa to the Americas, men and women sit outside their tiny hovels forming simple pots to carry their daily water supply. How can the same material serve so many purposes?

To read the rest or listen to the almost-three-minute audio, visit, "God’s Provision for Pottery."