Ancient Amazon Cities Illustrate Biblical Truth

If you saddle up and ride down Bolivia way, mayhaps to finally solve the mystery of the demise of Butch and Sundance, you will notice lots of rainforest. There are satellite images, but the overgrowth is mighty thick. Legends of lost cities of the Amazon have some truth.

A few days ago, we discussed sonar. It uses sound waves to detect and examine things unseen. Light detection and ranging — lidar — uses laser to (in this case) obtain images beneath the overgrowth using a helicopter. What was revealed is startling.

Cloud forest habitat in Bolivia, Flickr / US Fish & Wildlife Service (CC BY 2.0) (usage does not imply endorsement)
Believers in particles-to-pilot evolution consider early humans to be stupid because they have not evolved much in the way of intelligence or cognition. Then they get surprised to see that those people were far more intelligent than the evolution narrative requires, and they are not teaching from empirical evidence. The Bible tells us that mankind was intelligent and creative from the get-go, and took a great deal of knowledge with them after the dispersal at Babel. Some knowledge was lost and groups devolved.
Most anthropologists assumed that before the arrival of Europeans, the indigenous people of the Amazon only ever lived in small nomadic ‘Stone Age’ tribes. They taught that societies always progressed from simple to complex, so these peoples had never progressed past a ‘hunter-gatherer’ stage of social evolution.

However, new discoveries are adding to a growing body of evidence that the forerunners of today’s Amazonian tribes were very sophisticated indeed.

The rest of the article can be found at "Lost cities of the Amazon." I wonder if drones will be hooked up with lidar. Probably will.