Fundamentally Flawed Secular Cosmology

Mistakes are made in various fields of science, which is to be expected by realistic people. Scientists try to correct them, but some try to cover them up or invent rescuing devices. In historical sciences like biological and cosmic evolution, scientists tend to wrong quite frequently.

Regular readers have seen examples of failed predictions in cosmology and unexpected signs of youth in the universe. There are a few secularists who admit their problems — even the big ones — to their lapdog press.

Some scientists get uppity and pretend to have things all figured out. Some admit cosmology has a number of serious flaws as seen in observed evidence.
Nebula W51, NASA / JPL-Caltech (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Materialists deny the Creator and formulate their own creation mythology; it's who they are and what they do. Many scientists get mighty uppity and pretend they have things figured out.

It's rather startling when they admit to being wrong. (They've not been humbled enough to give God credit, but it's a start.) Some admit that observations of galaxies make them think that the standard model of cosmology is fouled up. The James Webb Space Telescope found data that could threaten their theories of star formation. Oh, it's good. Read about these and others at "Cosmology Could Be Fundamentally Flawed."