Evolution and Failed Predictions

It is generally thought that a scientific theory should be able to explain observed data and phenomena, and it would be helpful if it made predictions. While evolution is frequently thought of as particles-to-prophet, there are more types than just biology. There have been many predictions and expectations based on evolution, but the success rate has been low. If evolution is a scientific fact like many people insist, it seems that there would not be so many failures. Also, one may wonder why things have surprised scientists when they should have predicted them instead.

Rosendale limestone image from railroad trestle, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (modified at PhotoFunia)
People may ask if there are successful predictions in creation science. While the secular science industry has the most scientists, creationists have made some interesting and important predictions. In addition, the James Webb Space Telescope has also confirmed some of them.

Instead of admitting that evolutionary thinking is ineffective, secular scientists tack on ways to rescue predictions and save face. It is not about the evidence! They are committed to their Creator-denying worldview despite the evidence, not because of it.
Evolutionists often claim that they have made many successful predictions that show evolution is true. Let us investigate 40 predictions and expectations based on cosmic evolution (cosmological, geological, and biological evolution).

Important note: if a prediction/expectation is born out, it proves nothing, as it is the fallacy of affirming the consequent. If predictions are falsified, however, it is a problem for a scientific hypothesis, because this constitutes disproof, according to the rules of formal logic. For example, consider the premise ‘All horses are brown’. No matter how many brown horses you observe, unless you know that you have observed all horses, this can never be proven true. It only takes the observation of one white horse to show it is false (disprove it).

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