The Evolution You Know is Wrong

For people who are knowledgeable about origins science, it may strike them as ironic when creationists are ridiculed by Darwin's disciples. On social(ist) media, it is not uncommon for an evolutionist to berate a creationist who knows more about evolution than he does.

Creationists are stupid for not believing science, they claim. But study on it a spell. There are frequent reports coming out of the secular science industry where something happened "earlier than believed" and a new discovery causes a rethink. There are no unchanging and demonstrable laws in evolutionary science.

Some believers in evolution admit that there have been quite a few challenges to their beliefs over the years. These seem to be happening more frequently. Unfortunately, "studies" and "research" deserve "scare quotes" because they raise numerous questions on their topics, and frequently do little more than produce propaganda. Secularists often seem oblivious to the fact that they are proving their critics to be right.

A few hours ago, a frequently-asked question was raised at The Question Evolution Project about why people believe evolution despite all the evidence against it. This is because it's not about evidence, but suppressing the truth in their unrighteous denial of the Creator.

The 2023 discoveries that made us rethink the story of human evolution (New Scientist, 13 Dec 2023). How can anyone trust a “science” that gets rewritten every time a new bone turns up? Reporter Michael Marshall, who believes humans evolved from apes, doesn’t know what to think any more. . .

. . .

Stuff happens, he says, and it happened in the past; we know because stuff got found. Those ending sentences betray a long-standing problem in evolutionary anthropology: it is constantly being rethought. That has become a “truism” that continued into “dizzying” 2023. A truism is a “self-evident, obvious truth”—in this case, that human evolution is constantly being rethought. If thoughts don’t stick, they must not be very good thoughts.

Finish reading at "Human Evolution Story Constantly Rethought," and note the additional foolishness that Mr. Coppedge also discusses. Those help underscore the point. You'll thank me later.