The Axial Tilt of Earth is Vital

My prospector friend Stormie Waters, her fiancé Roland Meadows, and I met up in town after getting our supplies. Stormie works the earth but ponders the skies, and asked Roland about seasonal changes. I simply sat back and listened to his good explanation.

Many folks have a basic understanding of how Earth rotates once a day, moves around the sun in a year, and its tilt affects summer and winter. Digging a bit deeper shows that the axial tilt of Earth and other planets testify of design, and also trouble secular origins ideas.

Many people have a basic understanding that the earth is tilted on its axis. Look more and see that this is by design and frustrates secularists.
Earth's axial tilt and the solstice, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (usage does not imply endorsement)
The Nebular Hypothesis includes a story about how all the planets and moons formed from the same stuff. Naturally, these objects should show some amount of uniformity in many areas, including how they tilt. Cosmic evolution fails, and expectations of secularists are not met. (Venus and Uranus don't even bother to rotate in the same way as the other planets, which is another difficulty for them.) The axial tilt for Earth is perfect, as designed by the Creator.
Earth’s axial tilt, the angular difference between its rotational axis and its orbital axis (a line perpendicular to its orbital plane around the sun) of 23.5 degrees is necessary for the seasons we experience on earth.

Although the amount of axial tilt on earth varies (very slightly) over time it is kept stable by the moon’s relatively strong gravitational pull on the earth.

This is part of the answer to a question that was sent in. To read the whole thing, take a gander at "Did Earth’s axial tilt originate at Noah’s Flood?"