Evolution Narrative Drives Bird Tracks in Dinosaur Strata Story

The story is that the geologic column shows fossils in an orderly progression from simple to complex, and the fossil record is complete, without gaps. Russell Watchtower and his Ministry of Truth at the Darwin Ranch up near Deception Pass have been successfully convincing folks that the preceding is a true story.

In reality, there are fossils out of order. If people had healthy skepticism and dared to question evolution, they would know about fossil placement problems. A new report on fossilized bird footprints sparked a rescuing device. It did not go well.

Bird tracks were found again in dinosaur-age strata. Instead of admitting the truth, an imaginary creature was invented to have made the tracks.
One of the birdlike footprints from Maphutseng, Lesotho (left), and a false colour depth map of the print (right)
PLOS ONE 2023 / Abrahams et al. 2023 (CC-BY 4.0) via New Scientist
There must be quite a few stupid people buying the malarkey that evolutionists put out. The predominant narrative dictates that dinosaurs evolved into birds despite no actual evidence. Instead of questioning the story, some other critters came around and made these tracts in dinosaur strata. C'mon, man! Worse, they know this is false.
Scientists have found what appear to be fossil bird tracks in rocks claimed to be 60 million years older than the oldest bird fossils. In fact, these tracks are found at the same level as some of the earliest dinosaurs ever discovered and about 100 million years (in evolutionary time) before the so-called bird-like dinosaurs. This creates a major puzzle for evolutionists since they believe dinosaurs evolved into birds. It’s hard to evolve into something that already exists.

Since the late 1950s, paleontologists have reported multiple examples of “bird-like” tracks in South Africa that, according to the evolutionary story, predate the appearance of the first birds by many tens of millions of years. Such tracks are classified by paleontologists as “ichnofossils,” and the unknown creature that made these tracks has been dubbed Trisauropodiscus. The existence of Triassic bird tracks is a serious problem for the evolutionary story because it leaves insufficient time for birds to evolve.

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It seems funny that evolutionists are so unwilling to question evolution that they fabricate a creature that supposedly made the tracks. (Occam called, he wants his razor back.) Instead of unnecessary complications through imagination, someone might point out that there is actually nothing concrete or observed of such evolution.

Sometimes the cards are shuffled and they deal from the bottom of the deck; yes, they look like bird tracks, no they can't be even though there are other instances of this happening. And they wonder why the public has a trust problem with secular scientists? Shenanigans, bad science, wishful thinking...none with change the facts: They're wrong, and God created the world far more recently than they want to accept.

It’s amusing to watch the reactions of evolutionists to out-of-order fossils. The latest example has them scrambling to imagine what kind of dinosaur would have left tracks identical to those of modern shorebirds. These tracks appear in South African strata dated 60 million Darwin Years before the earliest body fossils of extinct birds like Archaeopteryx. If diversified birds walked in the late Triassic, when theropod dinosaurs were just getting accustomed to walking on two legs, the textbook tale about birds evolving from dinosaurs faces serious embarrassment. How will they explain this?

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