Creation, Speciation, and Galápagos Finches

A famous icon for evolution is referred to as Darwin's finches, even though he did not know what they were when he saw them on the Galápagos islands. For someone seeking an exotic bird, look elsewhere because these are rather plain. These finches demonstrate rapid speciation.

According to Darwin and other purveyors of evoporn, evolution is supposed to be random and over long periods of time. Exceptions to those rules are seen frequently. Evolutionists are so determined to keep away from the Creator, they cling to irrational science.

Galápagos Finches are an icon of evolution, but rapid speciation and new genetic research support creation instead of evolution.
Galapagos ground finch, Flickr / Judy Gallagher (CC BY 2.0) Poster effect at PhotoFunia and cropped
Rapid speciation...depending on the definition of species, of course. Scientists frequently slap leather over whether or not some critters are a separate species. Interestingly, there are some parts of the genome that simply will not modify. Others do have random changes. The Master Engineer designed creatures to survive and thrive, and frontloaded certain information for not random changes.
We have written about Darwin’s finches multiple times over the years, but new research has recently shined a brighter light on them. Instead of being the poster children of Darwinian evolution, they testify to recent creation! Darwin’s finches are part of the finch-sparrow supergroup of approximately 1,000 species. Being that only seven pairs of each ‘kind’ of bird were on the Ark (Genesis 7:3), these species clearly radiated quickly. Yet, they are also the same ‘kind’. In fact, it is abundantly clear that God created organisms to change and adapt over time. Thus, it should not surprise us to find many examples of speciation, hybridization, even of natural selection, among Darwin’s finches. Indeed, we have.

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